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The symptoms of this disease are the same as other upper respiratory tract infections. Cough, fever, trembling, headache, weakness, abdominal pain and bloating in the abdominal pain. However, the cough is more severe and sputum, while the fire is higher and a stubborn course.

Disease has no special treatment. The drugs for symptoms are given. If there are pain and fever, Syrups containing paracetamol are used when the fire is accompanied by the cold, fire reducer drugs can be given non damage to young children. Serum physiological drops or sprays can be preferred for the runny nose and congestion.

In the treatment of flu, antibiotics are not applied. Some relaxing treatment methods are used. The flu vaccine is recommended to apply in October-November before the flu season begins each year. But when he is delayed, it is utility to be made up to March. If the first time is to be held, two doses with a month intermediate are performed once in previous years.

The flu vaccine is applied to six months and half dose of three years, and in larger children. The vaccine obtained from the chicken eggs must not be made to the egg allergies.

Antibiotics are known to be effective in treatment. The complications are very important because it can cause permanent deafness or neighboring organ infections. For example, the complication of mastoidite complications, which are inflammation of the aircremes in the temporal bones on the face of the temporal bones in the self-untreatable otitis.

If symptoms take longer than three days and violent is antibiotic. The non-treatment of the sinusitis is the risk of meningitis as it is neighboring to the organs in the brain or skull as well as in the middle ear inflammation as a result of sufficient dose drugs. Neighboring organs have to be treated to prepare the ground in inflammations.

Cold steam treatment is used. The voice wire should necessarily apply to the physician because it makes difficulties in breathing inflammations. Cortisone drug therapy can be applied at the medium and advanced stage. Rarely antibiotic treatment may be required.

In winter, this infection caused by RSV virus, especially the infection is improved within 4-5 days. However, in such cases, bacterial infections are open due to the weakening of the immune systems. The sick children need to be followed well.

There is no specific treatment. Mostly improves spontaneously. Drugs that help disassemble the sputum, breathing can be used. Necessarily needs a doctor check. In the clinical course, the symptoms of recovery deterioration or recovery are present in children (if there is a pneumatic suspicion) of antibiotic support.

Treatment is necessarily in the hospital if there are any respiratory findings. However, the general condition of the patient and the clinical findings are suitable for the control at close intervals, the treatment can be done at home.

Ac─▒badem Health Group Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Departments are working on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in our body.

In their child health diseases, all polyclinics, centers and hospitals are diagnosed and treatment of 0-16 years of child diseases.

In our sections, both medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, throat and related head neck diseases are carried out.

Respiratory diseases include breathing diseases such as colds, throat infections, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

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