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Farenjit is one of the most common diseases in winter. Although it is mostly viral origin, it can be bacterial. Body resistance appears when it can’t beat colds.

Acute faranjit cough, runny nose, fever and sluggish. The complaints are increasingly increasing and the child’s overall condition is broken.

If it is not treated on time and accurately, an infection connected to the medium ear inflammation due to the medium-ear inflammation, streptecients (infectious and more in contagious and more diamonds) can lead to heart rheumatism.

This common disease is often emerged by settling viruses to the upper respiratory tract infection to the main bronchi. Therefore, a simple upper respiratory tract infection is very rare, there can be bronchitis in days.

The pneumonia that can be defined as an inflammatory liquid of the aircraft in the lung is seen in premature births with children with more heart disease or pre-spaced lung disease.

A serious respiratory shortage of pneumonia, which is a disease with viruses or bacteria via bacteria, is a serious respiratory distress and patient image. If the disease is bacteria, antibiotic needs to use.

Rhinitis symptoms appear 12-36 hours after the virus enters the body. In addition to these symptoms, burning and congestion, sneezing, burning, burning, dry cough, head and sore throat, dried cough, head and sore throats, weakness and lightweight fever can also be seen in the eyes, burning and redness in the eyes.

In the disease caused by viruses, the table is slightly heavier than the cold. Tremor, high fever, head and muscle aches can be seen. Headache is increasing depending on eye movements. On the 38.5 degrees, the fire is usually three days, it can be seen as much as eight days. In the child, pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain complaints in the chest depending on the gribe.

The edema caused by the microbia caused by the accumulation of fluid in the ear and pain in the ear. Pain and discharge in the ear can be seen with fever.

Sinuses give different findings according to their location. But the basic symptom is on the eye, the pain caused by the edge of the nose and under the eyes. A localized headache is able to accompany the change, fever, cough and nasal discharge.

Dry cough, sore throat, burning in the throat, light fire is seen. After three days of fire, the feeling of burning in the throat, the complaints such as difficulties in swallowing should be invested in the doctor and it is necessary to investigate whether there is bacterial infection.

The suddenly starting, barking style cough, sound barb and rough thick sound is among the most typical symptoms.

The respiration is frequent and growling, cough increasing, the nose is blocked. While fever, the child may not be seen depending on the resistance against the virus.

In the older children, intense sputum, growling, frequent respiratory and coughing seizures. The fire is mostly not exceeding 38 degrees. The diagnosis is placed according to the child’s clinical table and x-ray images.

In particular, the frequency of pneumonia, together with the cooling of the weather is increasing. B

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